Fundraising Projects – Creativity is the Key to Success

Everyone who is involved with organizing fundraising events is pressured to come up with great and innovative fundraising events ideas to collect funds for their causes and organizations.

This is especially necessary today, since more and more people and companies are feeling the effects of the financial crisis. They think that brilliant and imaginative fundraising events ideas can easily entice people to donate or support the endeavor. And they can. The number one rule of fundraising is that if your idea is good, your fundraiser will most likely be profitable. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to come up with fundraising event ideas. So what can one do if he or she needs these ideas for the sake of their fundraising event? Here are some suggestions:


The organization should have a meeting, where everyone is required to suggest ideas for their upcoming fundraiser events. This way, every idea is heard, and the part can decide which ideas to try. The group can also collectively try and come up with fundraising events ideas on the spot. Having a group of people come up with ideas for fundraiser events removes the pressure of the responsibility from one person and passes it to everyone on the organization. Two heads are better than one, they say – so the heads of an entire organization can definitely come with better ideas for the fundraising event.

Hire The Service Of Experts

Not all organizations can come up with fundraising event ideas. Furthermore, not everyone can organize these events by themselves. Beginners and those who are just starting out with this endeavor should consider hiring the service of professional fundraiser. These professionals are usually paid a pre-determined amount or a percentage of the revenue acquired through the fundraising event. Many are against this since this will obviously decrease the revenue, but it is a smart option for those who are not sure if they can pull off the effort.


The best way to know what type of fundraising events succeed is through researching. There are many resources available on this topic, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. For instance, one can go online and look for tips and ideas. Others can go the traditional way and consult other organizations and individuals who have already successfully organized a fundraiser. Ask them what factors helped make their fundraising event succeed. Go to different fundraising events to see what attracts people and donors.

Improve Previous Ideas

Finally, when all else fails, one need not come up with imaginative fundraising events ideas – he or she can merely elaborate previous fundraising events of the group or the organization that worked and succeeded in collecting funds. In fact, this is what a number of major non-profit organizations are doing now. Instead of using new ideas, they stick to their old ones, since they are already tried and tested. In short, they are already guaranteed to work. One can merely improve some details and points in order to make it an even bigger success. This is less risky compared to trying out new ways to raise funds.

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Fundraiser Ideas: Proper Fundraising Management

Before organizing your fundraiser ideas for your events, you need to make sure to take every step seriously. Yes it is fun to organize your very own fundraiser but you need to be serious with your plan if you want to see good results in your scheduled events. Fundraisers are the life source of most non-profit organizations; ensure the profitability of your events in order to continue your group’s activities and endeavors.

The first step in making sure that your fundraiser ideas will end up in success is learning the difference between profit percentage and actual profit. Most organizers depend on profit percentage too much that they often choose products with high profit percentage. But bear in mind that profit percentage is just an estimation of how much you can gain in selling a certain product for your fundraiser. It is just a guide on how much potential is present in selling a particular fundraising product.

Proper fundraising management is much more important than profit percentage since this will make your events and products more effective and profitable. Focus on raising the highest possible net profit while doing it with the least amount of time and effort. After you have fully understood the significance of actual profit over profit percentage, you need to come up with the right fundraising product that would help you in raising your much-needed funds. But you need to bear in mind that even though the uniqueness and profitability of your products are important, you need to properly manage them in order for them to become effective. It is useless if your have one of the most profitable and appealing fundraising product in the whole industry but you don’t know how to utilize it. Aside from your products you also need to schedule your events as early as possible.

If you are doing a school fundraising event, you must set-up your events at the beginning of the school year. This will ensure that the people especially the school administration and students will support your fundraiser. You can easily out-perform other fundraising events since you will be the first one to offer your products to potential customers. Apart from the right timing of your events, you need to establish your core team which will ultimately run the whole fundraiser. Your core team will be composed of leaders in different teams that will be doing the various tasks and responsibilities of your events. You can even choose a chairperson which will oversee everything about your fundraiser. This person will be tasked on maintaining every aspect of your fundraiser as well as making sure that every team is doing the jobs that are given to them.

The factors mentioned above are important in reaching success, but what would really separate your fundraiser among the rest is the proper fundraising management of your events. Without right managing skills, you will have a hard time in reaching the funds that you need. You can hire a respectable fundraising company that can help in managing your fundraiser properly. This is a very good investment since your fundraising success depends on how well you can manage and organize your events.

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School Fundraising – 3 Reasons You May Be Able to Earn More

Earning money for your school is a primary concern for almost every school fundraiser, but odds are that your school isn’t earning as much with each fundraiser as they could be earning. By increasing your school fundraising earnings you will have more money available to pay for art programs, after school sports, computer equipment and other essential items that your school needs. Let’s look at three reasons why your school may be able to earn more money on their next fundraiser.

Lost or Misplaced Orders

When your school is holding a catalog style fundraiser every order placed equates to profits. This means that every order is valuable. It can be so easy to misplace order forms and to lose out on these profits. This not only loses money for your school, but can frustrate purchasers when their items are not received which will discourage them from buying from your school in the future. When students turn in their fundraising order forms and money, make sure that you keep track of them. It may be a good idea to recruit a volunteer to help with this essential task. Being organized from the first day of the fundraiser will help you to ensure that you know who has ordered what.

Another similar problem can arise when students misplace or forget to turn in their order forms. One way to combat this problem is to allow students to turn in their order forms and fundraising earnings at any point during the fundraiser. Students won’t have to worry about losing their orders before the time comes to turn them in. It may also help to have all students turn in an order form regardless of whether they have made any sales so that you can be sure that all orders have been turned in before you place your school’s order with the fundraising company.

Wrong Fundraising Provider

Your fundraising company will play a big impact on the amount of profit that your school can earn with each fundraiser. If you aren’t earning as much money as you think you should, you may need to find a new fundraising company. Call a few companies and ask about profit margins. Remember that profits can vary depending on the type of fundraiser that you choose, so be sure to compare a few options within each company. Don’t forget to ask about shipping charges, handling fees and other fundraising expenses as these will impact your overall profitability.

Not Enough Fundraising

Many schools hold one or two fundraisers during the year. If you hold more fundraisers your school will earn more money. Consider adding a couple more fundraising opportunities to your schedule this year. If you already hold a cookie dough fundraiser, you may want to consider adding in a catalog sale or a candy bar fundraiser. Partnering with local businesses for a profit sharing night or holding a school wide carnival are other great fundraising ideas. Don’t limit your school’s profits to just one fundraiser.

Your school might be able to increase their fundraising earnings exponentially by simply instituting one or two of these great ideas. When you earn more through school fundraising you can provide a better quality education to your students.

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